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Endura 5500
Precision 5000

Spacer Broadway Engineering is a Leading Supplier of Refurbished Applied Materials® Equipment and Service for the Semiconductor Industry.

Broadway Engineering offers completely refurbished Applied Materials® Etch, CVD and PVD systems at a significant savings over the cost of a new unit, without sacrificing quality. All of our refurbished systems are guaranteed to meet or exceed the original published manufactured specifications. All of these systems include installation and warranty.

Broadway Engineering can supply many configurations of the Endura 5500, Centura 5200 / 5300 and P5000. System mainframe types are: RTP (Rapid Thermal Process), DCVD (Dielectric CVD), WCVD (Tungsten CVD), Tungsten Etch Back and Dielectric Etch. This also includes configuring your system to your specific wafer size with a variety of options.

Take a look and see what Broadway Engineering can offer you.



Applied Materials<sup>®</sup> Centura 5200/5300
5200 Spacer
Centura Processes
box Spacer ASP
box Spacer Sputter Etch
box Spacer Oxide Etch
box Spacer Poly Etch
box Spacer Nitride Etch
box Spacer DPS Poly or Metal Etch
box Spacer HDP-CVD
box Spacer TEOS, Doped / Undoped
box Spacer WCVD
box Spacer WSiX
box Spacer RTP
box Spacer PVD
box Spacer SACVD
Centura Chambers
box Spacer ASP+
box Spacer Sputter Etch
box Spacer MxP
box Spacer MxP+
box Spacer eMxP+ and Super eMxP+
box Spacer DPS, R0/R1
box Spacer WxP
box Spacer DxZ
box Spacer WxZ
box Spacer HDP
box Spacer RTP (Mod 1), RTPxe
box Spacer Universal CVD
box Spacer Preclean II chamber
box Spacer Orienter / Degas Chamber
box Spacer Single / Multi Slot Cool Down Chamber
Centura System Options
box Spacer Phase II Mainframe
box Spacer Centura II
box Spacer High Temp Mainframe
box Spacer Narrow or Wide Body Loadlock
box Spacer On The Fly Center finder (OTF)
box Spacer Fast Wafer Mapping
box Spacer HP, HP+ or VHP Robots
box Spacer Transfer Lid Hoist
box Spacer High Optical Throughput Endpoint System (H.O.T.)
box Spacer Monochromator Endpoint
box Spacer Through the wall or Ballroom Style Installation