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17" FPU

Flat Panel Monitor
Storage Raid Array
Storage Raid Array With Backup
FDD-CF Upgrade

Dual-CF Upgrade


Broadway Engineering is always looking to provide added value to our customers by making sure we are looking forward for possible system issues.

Component obsolescence in Legacy Equipment and newer equipment is always a problem for equipment users. As technology moves forward it is not always followed by the Original Equipment Manufacturers.

In order to provide a one stop shop for such issues, Broadway Engineering have a range of products which will ensure the continued support of Legacy equipment with minimal hardware expenditure.

User Interface Displays

Many of the cathode ray tube (CRT) interfaces are failing due to age and the replacement cost of such old technoology is very high, assuming you can purchase a reliable used unit.

To eradicate this problem Broadway Engineering can provide a 19.5" flat panel, touchscreen upgrade. This unit can be mounted to the system, a bulkead or placed on a cleanroom cart. It emulates the original CRT but has all of the advantages of today's technology.

Take a look and see what Broadway Engineering can offer you.