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Broadway Engineering is always looking to provide added value to our customers by making sure we are looking forward for possible system issues.

Component obsolescence in Legacy Equipment and newer equipment is always a problem for equipment users. As technology moves forward it is not always followed by the Original Equipment Manufacturers.

In order to provide a one stop shop for such issues, Broadway Engineering have a range of products which will ensure the continued support of Legacy equipment with minimal hardware expenditure.

Mass Storage and System HDDs

Legacy equipment will always be affected by obsolescence.  When equipment is first manufactured, all systems and sub-systems were state of the art.  With the introduction of new technology, very soon the ‘state of the art’ hardware becomes outdated and very difficult to find.

The Hard Disk Drive's (HDD) used for system data and system programming storage, are now very difficult to find in the appropriate size.  Many OEM’s have had ‘last orders’ made of these drives and so they are becoming very difficult to find, and very expensive to buy.

Broadway Engineering supplies a range of products which completely resolves this problem.  At the same time, the updated hardware provides a much higher level of functionality and convenience to the data storage and backup process required to secure vital equipment configuration and system software.

Our primary system is a dual drive SATA RAID1 array which has 100% redundancy and data protection automatically built into the system.  When used in conjunction with our disk drive duplicator, exact functional replicas of the systems HDDs can be produced which allows the use of any capacity 2.5” SATA disk drive.  With ‘laptop HDDs’ being so readily available and inexpensive, this certainly provide a cost effective solution to the effects of a catastrophic HDD failure.

The purchase of a disk drive duplicator is not necessary as we will provide a master drive, pre-formatted for use with the equipment.

The 2-Bay SATA RAID Array includes the necessary hard disk drives.

Take a look and see what Broadway Engineering can offer you.